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AMP12: Day 13 (belated)

This is late for Day 13 like whoa, but I had planned on posting two podfics - partly because otherwise I wouldn't get all my au_bingo squares filled before the deadline, partly because they're the shortest ones left of my au_bingo fills.

Podfic A is Semester's End, written by telesilla. It's actually the ninth ficlet in the Ventura Highway series (yeah, apparently I start off in the middle?), but all the stories in the series are snapshots of life as opposed to a chronology (so it doesn't entirely matter what order you read them in). The premise of the series is a Stargate: Atlantis AU, where Rodney is a college professor and John is his board shop-owning boyfriend, and since I not only needed a fill for the "teachers/professors" square on my au_bingo card, but also really love the series, it seemed like a great idea to go ahead and start with the most 'professorial' of the series - in Semester's End, the scene opens with Rodney grading papers and complaining about it, like a true college-level educator! (The scene ends with a blowjob, so you know that this is the good stuff.) I haven't made any coverart for this podfic, because I intend to release the rest of the series as a collection of podfics by the end of AMP12, and I'll just make one cover for the whole series when I'm done. Who knows - maybe if I ask her nicely, bessyboo will podbook the whole series, and you'll even be able to flip through all the various stories as chapters!

You can find the mp3 of Semester's End over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me!), or you can stream the story by clicking below:

Podfic B is Werewolf Roleplay, written by lalejandra. It's a Twitter-fic (more fleshed out than your average not!fic, but not quite as formal as a traditional fic), containing the superawesome concepts of bb!Panic, werewolf roleplay in sexual and non-sexual situations, alpha!Spencer, and to top it all off.....Spencer/Ryan/Brendon threesome frolicking! (And, because on February 11, 2012, [personal profile] sunspot said I could (yes, I scrolled all the way back to February on Twitter just to find the Tweet in question), I'll be using this one to fill the "werewolves" square on my au_bingo card. Isn't it great to use other people as podfic justification? Yes, yes it is.)

You can find the mp3 of Werewolf Roleplay over here (thank you once more, paraka, for hosting me!), or you can click below to stream the story:

Wow, the whole series? I'm so excite! Listening to this was very cool. I really like your recording style. :)
Such a brilliant podfic! I love how you capture the style of not!fic/twitter fic. Your Spencer is divine, his self-doubt and strength come though really well. They all NEED each other so much! They're PACK! <33333