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Day Three of Podfic Awareness Week

So, today's theme is: Author/Podficcer Relationships.

The relationship between a podficcer and author can be totally hands off, completely collaborative or anything in between. There are a lot of ways podficcers and authors can help each other, check out pod_aware on LJ or DW for more information.

And, well, I suppose that today I could talk a bit about pod_together, and how awesome it was to work with keerawa to produce Three Days On The Rack (seriously, such a great experience). But, I pretty much talked about that already when we first posted the story and podfic.

Instead, I'd like to talk a little bit about the author/podficcer relationship I have with pprfaith. Because, seriously, she's pretty fantastic.

See, once upon a time, I was a bitty baby podficcer with only twenty minutes or so of podfic under my belt. And one day, I read this superfantasticawesomesauce story, Myself In You, and sent this really flaily-dorky message off to the author. The author, one pprfaith (or, faithunbreakable over at Twisting The Hellmouth where I first read her work....and somehow, it's still her name in my head) was superduper nice, and gave me free reign to not only record the story I'd asked for, but whatever else I felt like recording as well. I've been making my way slowly but surely through her entire back catalogue ever since that fateful day. (Also, I may or may not be connected to the root of this magnificent piece of literature, thanks in part to some conversations between pprfaith and myself describing all the wonderful ways that Charles'n'Raven'n'Erik could rule the world. Just saying.)

Anyway. Since she was one of my first podficcing-fandom-friends, and is an author of much awesomeness, I figured that posting yet another pprfaith's stories as a podfic (Now With Added Cover Art!) would be an appropriate response for today's Podfic Awareness Week entry. Right? Right.

Play a Game of Make Believe is a completely-hurty-in-all-the-right ways Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural 'real family' fic. As in, 25 minutes of a Buffy Summers who was actually born Buffy Winchester, and a Dean who is subjected to years of emotional trauma. See, everyone has dreams, right? The things they want but can't have, the things they think about achieving but never really follow through with. And for the Winchesters, it makes sense that those dreams might be a little bit skewed from norm. Dean's dreams, in particular, seem so very much within his grasp....and yet, in order for his siblings to pursue their own dreams, his get pushed to the wayside, And then, when he finally gets what he's been wanted the whole time, it's not nearly what he actually wanted.

Oh! And, the art! I tried to be all introspective or symbolic or whatever as I made it. See, there's this one line that caught my attention: "Buffy dreams in red and flame. Always has."  And that made me think of the picture of Buffy in the red shirt (where she looks all fierce-yet-sexy). And then, there's the red stripes on Sam's shirt....'cause the two of them are the ones who leave Dean behind, so they get that unifying element of matching colors, along with the 'fading away from Dean' aspect (look, you can see the forest through their faces! It's very thought-provoking). And then, of course, there's Dean's dream: "Deep down, you never let go of that image. Dad in front, Sammy on your right, Buffy on your left. The Winchesters. Hunting together." So, Buffy's in the left corner, and Sam's on the right side of their triangle....but Dean's still not quite in line with them. And of course, the dark and misty trees represents the anguish of Dean's soul. Duh. (The intro/outro music for this podfic is Sleeping With Ghosts, as performed by Placebo. I thought the general mood of the song fit with my rendition of ...Make Believe, and that the lyrics ("what good's religion/ when it's each other we despise") fit in with Dean's melancholy throughout the story.)

One thing that particularly resonated with me while reading this story was the intense love for his family that pprfaith writes for Dean. I know that I'm never going to have quite so severe a set of circumstances as the Winchesters to prove my own familial fealty, but the undercurrent of "Family comes first" in Dean's every sentence rang true to my own heart. pprfaith's Dean is my favorite flavor of Dean, and the way Buffy's Slayerdom is integrated into his worldview made me ache for them both. Just... all of ...Make Believe is the best thing ever, okay? So, listen, enjoy, and thank pprfaith for being so nice to a stranger once upon a time when you're done ('cause, seriously, without her go-ahead for that particular podfic, and the resulting snowball effect, I doubt I would have worked up the steam to be as podficularly proficient as I am today ^___^).

You can download the mp3 of Play a Game of Make Believe right over here (thanks for hosting me, paraka!), or you can stream the story by clicking below:

*Squeefailsplutter* podfic!!! You made me podfic again! Weeeeeeee-s!

Also, girl, what you talking about? I didn't have more of a clue when this whole thing started than you did. I was all there's this person. This person thinks that what you write is good enough to actually read aloud and tape. What the frilly heck?

I'm still not sure why you go to all this work but I appreciate every single thing you've ever taped very, very much. It helps that you're a pretty cool person and possibly more craft obssessed than I am. :)

So. Celebrate your awesomeness and stop saying such nice things about me. I blush.
Oh, so I just had a thought - are you over at Archive of Our Own? 'Cause they've opened the floor for podfics over there, and I was thinking of putting all of mine (eventually) up there. Like, it might be a secondary/more organized/very-nearly-a-masterlist list of my podfics....and if the story in question isn't already on the archive, there's the option to link back to it, wherever it is. So, I guess what I'm asking is, is it okay if I link back to your fics from AO3, if I put up the many and varied podfics for even more people to see?

Also - not just podfic, coverart. I'll have you know, I thought long and hard about that art. I wanted it to be deep. ^___~
How could I forget the art? The art is brilliant. And deep. No really. You put more thought into the art than I put in the stories, some days.

And yes, AO3. Pprfaith there, too. The FatF stuff and XM:FC stuff is up there.
Okay, cool. Would you rather I linked back to the TTH version or the lj version of ...Make Believe, then?

(And, okay, I know I'm being unsubtle about the art...but, I get more stage fright posting pictures than I do posting podfic. I think it's 'cause I've been at it for much less time, so I need more reassurance. Positive reinforcement is muchly appreciated!)

(Also, Twilight: Breaking Dawn comes out in a week or so over here. What say you I coincide the obligatory attend-the-movie-and-moon-over-Taylor-Lautner-in-no-shirt sisterly bonding experience with a posting of Swansong? It'll help me get through the movie without brain hemorrhage, if I know there's something better waiting to be posted at the end of the night....)
Ah, Swansong is still only a couple hundred words. I got distracted by shiny new fandoms and the Wishlist. I'll see what I can do, though, so you'll get a preview at least?

TtH version. There isn't actually another, I think. The lj link leads to TtH.
Ah, Swansong is still only a couple hundred words.

Ummmmm....what? I've already got, like, two hours recorded. With Jasper's chapter still to go. That's not a couple hundred words, ma'am.
The new part. The one I promised you, like, several ice ages ago? I'm totally working on it. Swear.
I could hold on Swansong, and do one of the others? The one where Jasper's all, "Imma eatchoo, little girl!" to Bella, perhaps? The eerie factor of that story should help cut the minor brain-death induced by the movie..... ;-)
I don't know. It's up to you, really. I'll finish the fourth part of Swansong eventually, though, so maybe wait?

I just looked what I've got over and it looks like it might be easier to write than I thought. If I'm good, I might get it done this year.

Also, have I mentioned how much I pity you for having to go see that movie? You deserve sainthood for sitting through it. The trailer alone made me shudder and shiver. Did you see the constipated look on Bella's face at the altar? She looks like she wantsto puke.
You had me at Buffy....but if that didn't do it, you symbolic cover art just shot it too a new level!

I apparently need to put some more thought into my fanmix covers....what a slacker I am;P

really can't wait to listen to this tho, it's like all my wet dreams come true.
Loved this! Thanks for sharing it!
I know you're working on the box account problem. Here's a status update just in case it's useful: it wouldn't let me download because you'd supposedly used more than your share for the month (or whatever) but I was able to listen to it streaming. (Good quality and no problems, btw.)