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full of rainbows and sunshine and murder and death

The Hobbit Haikus

So analise010 and kdheart got into a bit of a rumble on Twitter - they're competing/egging-each-other-on for the shortest podfic of Amplificathon 2013. So...I wrote some The Hobbit haikus for analise010 to record. Because, haikus make really short podfics. Obviously.

Nori/Dwalin Haiku

Braided eyebrows and
A tattoo'd scalp, together
Seeking Erebor

Bilbo/Thorin Haiku

Tufted footsteps join
Smith's arms, up in arms to seek
The once-lost kingdom

Fili/Kili Haiku

Gold and night-dark hair
Lie tangled between pillows
In a shared bedroll

....yeah, The Hobbit haikus. You want that like whoa. Don't forget to check out all the micro-podfics that kdheart and analise010 are recording!
Tags: fandom: lotr, fandom: the hobbit (movies), i blame everything on twitter, my fanfic? really?

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