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(Belated) Pod Aware Day Three - Recs

With the increasing number of podfics out there, it can sometimes be hard to navigate to find the ones that best suit you. Recs are great way to find podfics well-loved by others or share the gems you already know and love. To find out more information on podfic and podfic recs, check out Pod Aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr.

I...kind of forgot about the fact that I'd need to write up a rec list, in order to POST a rec list for Day Three of PodAware. So instead of "This is why I loved this specific podfic" reasons, you.... just get a list of podfics I loved. Yeah, I know, I pretty much just pulled a couple handfuls from my iTunes library and then looked up their download link at the Audiofic Archive. Lazy. But every single one of these stories left me thinking WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? and wishing for more. Which is just about the best way for a story to make you feel, I think. Enjoy!

- Changeling (Harry Potter)

 - Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Plaid Schoolgirl Skirts (Smallville)

 - The Ballad Of Fort McCoy (Star Trek Reboot)

 - Eight Things You Should Know (Supernatural)

 - 27 Minutes To Atlantis (Stargate: Atlantis)

 - SG-1, Ninja Style (Stargate: SG-1)

 - Harmonic Function (Stargate: Atlantis)

 - Lorne's Team (Stargate: Atlantis)

 - An Inaccurate Telling (Stargate: Atlantis)

 - Even Bonnie And Clyde Had Off Days (Stargate: Atlantis)

 - How Traditions Get Started (Supernatural)

 - A Fashionable Profit (Supernatural)

 - I Sing The Body (Heroes)

 - West Palm Beach, 1927 (Pirates of the Caribbean)

 - Kneel Before Me, Please? (Smallville)

 - Seven Ways Wolverine Knows Gambit Is His Friend (X-Men Movie'verse)

 - Raiders Of The Seven Systems (Stargate: Atlantis)

 - Darker Shade Of Black (Supernatural)

 - Roll With It (CW RPF)

 - Call Me In The Morning (CW RPF)

 - Carrion Comfort (Supernatural)
 - Independence Day (Stargate: Atlantis)

 - Rockstar (Star Trek Reboot)

 - Like Thermodynamics (Stargate: SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis)

 - Live And On Stage (CW RPF)

 - True Love's Kiss (CW RFP)

 - Famous On The Internet (CW RPF)