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“In other words, you’re basically spending your days waiting for an old woman to die.”

Good afternoon, internet! How is everyone, today? Me and mine are fine - thankfully, the worst property damage we incurred were a few lost shingles and half a tree down. The most annoying thing, in my opinion, is the lack of electricity: due to a downed substation, my part of Long Island won't have even the possibility of power til Sunday, and probably won't actually be lit til next Wednesday. Cell phone reception is sporadic at best, and it is the eeriest thing ever to see Main Street with no street lights or traffic signals lit. At least we've got a gas stove at home - it's not the safest method ever, but tossing a match into the gas burner WILL get your food cooked!

Power went down for us just after I posted my two crossover podfics, so I didn't actually get a chance to post anything else....but, coming back to haunt you from beyond the grave, may I present.....


Kiss Me Now, You'll Catch Your Death, written by dear_monday, is an eeeeeeeerie My Chemical Romance AU; a supernaturally-influenced ghost-tastic story that actually had me shivering as I read it. This might be because of the terrifying time in fourth grade when I read Wait Til Helen Comes, and ended up sleeping with my bedroom door open and the hallway light on - ever since then, I've had a fear of meeting people near ponds, okay? Helen tried to drown her in the pond! Gerard meets Frank near a pond! There is a creepy house, and summer is dying! I was legitimately frightened, alright?

So, yeah, that makes this the perfect Halloween podfic - all the way until the end, you're not sure who's the living and who's the dead. I would suggest paying attention to the story warnings (references to suicidal ideation and substance abuse (alcoholism) as well as major character death prior to and during the story), but other than that, prepare to have your spine tingled. Additional notes: the Intro/Outro/Musical Interludes for this podfic all came from the same instrumental piece, snagged via Freesound (I'm not entirely sure how to properly credit it, so I'll just provide the link:
kiss me4

This podfic is just over half an hour long, and can be downloaded as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me!) OR you can stream the story by clicking above.

Zombies Breaking Down Your Back Door (this is the way the world ends), written by yours truly, is the zombie apocalypse that cee_m didn't know she wanted when she posted a prompt to the Bandom Hug Meme. I dunno - I've just really been in a zombie mood right now, and then cee_m suggested End Of The World, performed by Ingrid Michaelson, as some Intro/Outro music, and then I really didn't have a reason to NOT podfic it, you know?

The shortest of the lot at less than ten minutes long, you can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me!) OR you can stream the story by clicking above.

Make A Caged Bird Sing, written by dancinbutterfly (who has Blanket Permission!), is a Panic! at the Disco vampire AU, to the tune of Angelus' courtship of Drusilla - there's stalking, and a monastery; mysterious deaths, and dismemberment; vampires, and obsession. Brendon is the stalkee, while Ryan and Spencer are his vampiric pursuers.

When I first read this fic, I ended up with a wide smile across my face - not because I particularly delight in monks getting their arms ripped off, but because it is such a perfect adaptation of a Buffyverse scenario to Bandom characters. I pretty much want to revel in dancinbutterfly's brain, thanks to this fic, and I hope that all you Buffyverse-Bandom fans enjoy my rendition of this story, too.

The Intro/Outro music for this podfic is Addicted To Love, as performed by Florence & The Machine. The song, as the title suggests, lists the symptoms of someone addicted to love - symptoms that are also exhibited by Brendon in the story. "A yes is burning the back of his throat. He wants to agree. He wants to be swept off and away, to see lands beyond the sea..." in particular made me think of Brendon's unwanted fascination with (fatal attraction to) Ryan and Spencer.

caged bird

Running about half an hour long, you can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me!) OR you can stream the story by clicking above.

Life's No Fun Without A Good Scare, written by saone77, is the first CW RPF that I've recorded in (what feels like) ages! It's Jared and Jensen, working at one of those pop-up Haunted Houses that seem to only exist from late September to October 31st. Aldis is a zombie, Danneel recently fell into a vat of acid, Chris and Steve are cannibalistic hillbilly medics; Jared is a Serial Killer, and Jensen is his Victim. Chad is a douche, as per usual. This story is just adorable, and funny, and the perfect antidote to all the creepy-scary-haunted podfics I've posted today.

Once again, I'm not entirely sure how to credit this - the Evil Laughter Interludes were snagged via Freesound ( Aren't they perfectly maniacal?

good scare

This podfic is a little more than an hour long, and you can dowload it as an mp3 right over here (thank you, paraka, for hosting me!) OR you can stream the story by clicking above.

So, that's that. Having piggybacked my laptop onto Dad's office's internet signal, you get to experience lots of lovely Halloween stories via my voice. Enjoy!
I just left a comment on this at Amplificathon, but in case you don't see it I thought I'd come here, too, and tell you how much I enjoyed your reading of "Life's No Fun" :D

Great character voices, timing, the works!